Thursday, July 26, 2012

Large Exports out of APEX

Having problems creating large export files out of APEX?  Try these tips...

The question was APEX 4.0 would only create a 60mb .csv file...


A lot of factors here. My best guess would be the web server, but it depends on how it is hosted.

I know we would hang our CSV generation if we used interactive reports due to size, but had a lot to do with our DB. It would create a session that would run for quite a while and then get lost by the web server.

We ended up doing a process that does a straight dump. My question would be, does the 60MB file correspond with a "time to generate". There may be something else going on.


Skills Update


I'm going to be better at posting to my blog.  Watch for useful APEX and OBIEE information. 

I'll also post some useful information and scripts for starting and stopping Oracle SQL Trace (the 10046 trace).